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Delivery Changes

When I started this, never in my wildest dreams did I expect to have fifty deliveries in a day, as I did on the weekend of 11/21. This experience showed me I can't do this alone and still provide good service, nor was it fair to any customers who may have been patiently waiting many, many hours for me to appear. 

In order to offer you the freshest items possible, my production schedule is very tight. Items are generally finished on Friday night, and packaging takes place on Saturday morning. It is due to this schedule and volume that I am unable to continue offering delivery, beginning on 12/12. Order pickups will now be on Saturdays*, between 1:30 and 5:30, at your convenience.

Please text 503.804.9953

at least ten minutes before

so I can have your bags prepared. Address will be printed on invoice.

I am committed to bringing good food to the community, not bringing good food to the community! Thanks for understanding.

*Are you elderly? Do you not drive or do you have other special circumstances? Please contact me regarding arrangements.

Begins 12/12

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