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Gingerbread Bundtlettes

Gingerbread Cake.jpg

Happy holidays and good memories

In 2017, after five years of scrimping, I finally raised enough money to take my family on a dream, bucket-list vacation to the Christmas markets in Vienna, Salzburg, and Budapest. It was pure magic, an unforgettable trip, one that will never be rivaled. We had the time of our lives and reminisce about that vacation fondly and often; many of the desserts I offer are inspired by the ones we enjoyed there.

The last dessert for 2020 will be gingerbread bundtlettes, similar to ones we had at a charming coffeehouse in Salzburg (the town of "Sound of Music" fame.). Try enjoying this cake the true Austrian way with a Cafe Vienna (weiner melange), a coffee drink much like a cappuccino, as well as a small glass of water. Please do have yourself a merry little Christmas, and I'll see you next year! 

Me in Budapest.jpg


5.5" cakes

Serves 1-2

*First pickup in 2021 will not be until: January 16th. Menu TBD.

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