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Grandma Lil's Farmstyle Chicken Bone Broth

In 1916, my grandmother was born on an 800 acre farm in Nevis, MN. For the next eighteen years (until that farm was lost to the Depression), she practiced the craft of Slow & From Scratch. She also learned the art of baking from her mother -- who happened to be the proprietress of the local boulangerie! -- and was trained in how to grow produce, trees, and flowers. Grandma Lil was an amazing gardener and a wonderful chef, and this is the bone broth recipe I watched her make when I was growing up.


This recipe includes minimum ingredients and is crafted in small batches that are slow simmered for a full day to get all the richness, body, and depth from the bones. This stock can be substituted anywhere chicken broth is called for, but it's also satisfying enough to drink on its own. It makes a marked difference in the base flavor of gravies, sauce, and soups -- I find it especially useful around the holidays. It keeps in the refrigerator for 5-7 days; freezes very well and keeps for a year.

What Can Bone Broth Do For You?

  • It's nutritious and rich in minerals

  • It may benefit digestion

  • It may help inflammation

  • It may imporve joint health

  • It may impove brain function

  • It keeps collagen strong

  • May aid with sleeping

  • Keeps bones strong

  • Good for dogs


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