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1/23 Savory Special

Chicken Pot Pie in Sherry-Cream Sauce

A customer favorite! Tender chicken in a slow-simmered chicken broth-cream/ sherry sauce, paired with peas, pearl onions, celery and carrots and baked beneath a buttery, flaky crust. They freeze wonderfully well. Think 'new and improved' Swanson's or Marie Callander.

For best space efficiency, the pies will be packaged in rectangular tins that are slightly larger than the previous round tins used.

6" x 5" x 2"

Serves 1, contains liquor


Prebaked, you reheat or freeze. Heating directions will be published here and a PDF will be sent to you with your reminder text, should you purchase one. 


mixed meat only,

no special orders, limit 4.

Sold Out

Chicken Pot Pie

1/23 Sweet Specical

Almond Kirschtorte

My husband, daughter and I first encountered this wonderful little cake during a dream vaction to the Christmas Markets in Vienna. Made with very little flour, it is moist and tender, contrasted by the crunch of toasted slice almonds. The pairing of almonds and cherry kirsch is ethereal -- this is my favorite dessert I enjoyed during  all our trips to Europe. 

4.5" cakes serve 1-2

Contains nuts and liquor


Add side of sour cherries

+ $1.50

Sold Out

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