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1/30 Savory

Tamale Pie

Tamale Pie

Tamale Pie is like a southwestern riff on Shepherd's Pie! My oldest friend, Eli Joven, shared his mom's red enchilada sauce with me, and I use it here with cornbread, homemade creamed corn, onion, and my own bold and flavorful taco blend. I have developed the proportions and ingredients of this blend over time, and it is not salty, as many blends  purchased at the store can be. The beef is slow simmered in a zesty sauce and then baked beneath a blanket of cheddar and pepper jack cheeses. Add toppings such as avocados, sour cream, salsa, green onions, cilanto, jalepenos, and tomatoes.

Prebaked, you reheat.

6" x 5" x 2"

Serves 1


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Back to my Roots

Salsa Saturday

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From March until November of 2020, I sold red and green salsas, as well as pickled red onions, to our inner east side neighborhoods. The salsas, particularly the red, were very popular, and I gained a loyal following during the warm months. 

To  accompany the Savory Special, I am offering salsa for sale again, this week only, for red salsa only. When placing your order, please note your heat preference; mine is a medium salsa, but I can make it as hot or mild as you like. Pickup only.

As an accompaniment to Tamale Pie:

6 oz, $1.75

As a pint:


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